Though she is little, she is fierce
— William Shakespere

        I cater to clientele who seek much more than a typical 'service'. My focus rises above and beyond the mere carnal satisfaction of my clients, my ultimate goal being that you leave feeling fulfilled and profoundly restored. I am an exceptionally skilled lover, with an extremely open minded approach to your needs. I specialize in decadent, bespoke arrangements for the indulgent connoisseur.  Private consultations can be conducted via telephone call through which the appointment preferences and investment will be determined. Classically beautiful, my sultry physique has not been modified by unnatural enhancements. With olive skin, mysterious hazel eyes, and wavy brown hair, my physique is perfectly petite. Friends say my qualities are truly unique, refreshing and genuine yet carry an air of sophistication.

    Knowledge of & great appreciation for culture and social discourse comes naturally to me.  A vivacious conversationalist, I am open minded, engaging, and articulate in my expressions. Equally eager to have my own views challenged, my true comfort is to listen to, explore and learn from you. My passionate, understanding and genuinely kind nature, juxtaposed with rye wit, infectious confidence and an adventurous spirit ensure that I am the perfect companion for those who seek an enlightening, passionate, and genuine experience.


Age: 34

Hair: Long, Wavy, Brunette 

Eyes: Hazel 

Height: 5'2" Petite

Weight: 116 lbs

Interests: Literature, Digital Design, Ballet, Music Composition


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